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Child Care Aware of Washington advocates for all WA families to have access to high-quality child care and early learning programs, and for our state's child care professionals to earn a living wage.

What's on top right now? Two babies in child care

The 2018 Legislative Session ended March 8. The final budget contains only a few real victories for child care and early learning.

Good News

  • A new statewide child care collaborative task force will be created by the Department of Commerce to examine the effects of child care affordability and accessibility on Washington’s workforce and businesses.
  • Funding is provided to develop trauma-informed care resources for providers.
  • Funding and policy is approved to research nurse consultation supports for providers.
  • ECEAP programs were granted additional eligibility flexibility, allowing more rural programs to operate.
  • Home visiting is expanded.
  • The Early Learning Facilities Grant is funded in the Capital budget.
  • Funding is provided to expand the Business of Child Care trainings to help provider small businesses manage the complex business side of their work.
  • The Working Connections Child Care (WCCC) subsidy program will be consolidated into the new state Department of Children, Youth and Families in 2019.


So-So News

  • The state is in position to receive a significant increase in federal child care funding, and the new state budget identifies priorities for that money. The state Department of Early Learning (DEL) is tasked with developing a spending plan that prioritizes increasing WCCC reimbursement rates for those providers that are farthest from market rate and those that provide infant/toddler care.


Bad News

  • Zero state dollars are invested in WCCC and Early Achievers, despite the state receiving a windfall of unexpected revenue.
  • Outside of home visiting, this budget invests no real new money into child care and early learning.


What You Can Do

It is never too early or too late to let your legislators know you support state investment in high-quality child care and Early Achievers, and in increasing the reimbursement rates paid to providers who accept children on state subsidies/WCCC. Visit our Action Center today to quickly email your representatives.

Did you know business can play a key role in strengthening their workforce today and tomorrow via high-quality child care?

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation recently released a report, "Workforce of Today, Workforce of Tomorrow: The Business Case for High-Quality Childcare," that details how businesses benefit when their employees have access to high-quality child care and the easy things businesses can do to ensure access to affordable child care programs.

"Today's workers need childcare. Tomorrow's workers are in childcare."~ Katharine B. Stevens, American Enterprise Institute, Workforce of Today, Workforce of Tomorrow: The Business Case for High-Quality Childcare, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, June 2017

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Learn more about how and why Washington businesses are supporting high-quality child care:

Find Out About the State of Child Care and Kindergarten Readiness in Your Area

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Take Action for Kids!

You can make a real difference for young children and their families. Simply let your elected representatives know you support investment in high-quality child care, and in the child care assistance programs that allow working families to afford quality child care and early learning programs. Visit our Action Center to send a message to your rep in Olympia.

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