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The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has a critically important mission: to keep all consumers safe from harm from dangerous products. Unfortunately, we find that certain groups of Americans, such as the elderly, urban and rural low-income families, and some minority groups, often do not hear about our safety messages.

In order to carry out our mission more effectively, the CPSC has embarked on a special project to put our lifesaving information in the hands of these populations by creating the Neighborhood Safety Network. By entering your organization’s contact information into the NSN database, you are becoming a partner in our campaign to share lifesaving safety information with consumers who may not be aware of the many hazards that exist in and around the home.

CPSC will use the contact information you provide to send out posters, publications and announcements that are specially tailored to meet the needs of specific groups – such as child safety tips for new parents and fire safety advice for older Americans living on their own. With the responsibility to ensure the safety of over 15,000 consumer products, you will soon realize that CPSC has information that can benefit every American.

Neighborhood Safety Network Database Signup Form

Safety Poster #18 English and Spanish are available in JPEG format on Flickr that can be downloaded and printed. Click on the downward pointing arrow with the underline in the bottom right corner to see the different sizes of the images that are available.

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