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Child care and early learning professionals must meet health & safety and training requirements that are regulated by the Washington State Department of Early Learning (DEL). You can find this information on DEL's website here.

There are many options available to early learning professionals to increase their early childhood education knowledge and skills, as well as to meet annual training requirements. Some of these options include:Coaching 1


The following tools are available to help early learning professional manage their professional development:

  • DEL's Early Childhood Education Career Planning Portal - This interactive, online tool can help you plan the steps to take to broaden your career in early learning. It features "day-in-the-life" snapshots of what different ECE careers look like, as well as a wealth of information about scholarships, the different degrees available and much more.
  • DEL's Training Library for early learning professionals: DEL's Training Library can connect early learning professionals to great research, resources, best practices and online continuing education opportunities.

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